Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [19004],

If you ever come across the error code "ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [19004], [], []...." while running query ralated to any table, view, index
here is the solution for it

login to your oracle database using pl/sql tool

run the below command on the command prompt

1. in case of error on querying table

ANALYZE TABLE table_name delete statistics;

2. in case of error on querying view

put the command above with related tables in the view. i.e run analyze tables for each table that form that view.



Thanks, that was gold - it just saved a major crisis I was just having on a mission-critical database

David Campbell

Yepp, that's the solution! Thanks a lot! Especially upgrading to oracle 10g!

Dieter Rainer

Hi all!

Yesterday, I built 2 materialized views on my data warehouse, to provide better performance to OBIEE (agregate table with 3 million rows/day).

After working for some time with stunning speed, started giving the following error:
ORA-00600: código de erro interno, argumentos: [19004], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
(sorry for the portuguese :) ). Even when Querying the table directly, same error, and connection closed.
After a while looking on the net, I found many associations of this error, materialized views and gather statistics. As many people recommended online, I deleted the statistics but... still the same! Worse, all the posts online refered to version 10g and previous, and I have the latest 11g (… too bad for me.
Even worse! I have a Data Guard, and the issue was ONLY on the secondary/standby server… on the primary the materialized view was all nice!
The fact is, the views were ok just an hour before! After a while, I realized that about 30 minutes before, our automatic gather statistics job had ran… ok, so the gather statistics did something…
After one sleepless night, I think I finally figured it out. First, it must be a oracle bug, no doubt. Second, I queried the V$parameter just for the fun of it, in desperation, and for my surprise, the value of “query_rewrite_integrity” was set to “enforced”. Well, I do not like enforced, so I changed to Trusted, as it should have always been. And… VOI LA!!! It did the trick!!!
I still do not know if this was the only problem, but the fact is I have running as we speak! Lets see if this is a long term solution, or just a patch…

Hope this can help some :D

DataWarehouse Short Info
Telco Company Datawarehouse
Oracle 11g
25+ millions of imported rows a day

This is veru useful tips for me .
Thanks a lot !!

Thanks a lot , problem solved here .