Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PL/SQL Best Practices

PL/SQL Best Practices with Steven Feuerstein

Renowned Oracle PL/SQL expert, Steven Feuerstein, presents "PL/SQL Best Practices" -- offering high-level principles to guide our work.

Here are some example of the PL/SQL best practices derived from PL_SQL_Best_Practices2.pdf:

DEV-01: Set Standards and Guidelines for Your Application Before Anyone Starts Writing
DEV-02: Ask for Help if you find Yourself Spending More Than 30 Minutes to Solve a problem
DEV-03: Make Code Review a Regular Part of Your Development Process
DEV-04: Validate Standards by using SQL to Analyze Source Code Stored in the Database
DEV-05: Generate Code Whenever Possible and Appropriate
DEV-06: Set Up —and Use! —A Formal Unit Testing Procedure
DEV-07: Get Someone Else to Perform Functional Tests on your Code