Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to Boot Up Your Oracle Performance

This is a good Oracle Performance Tuning video I have came across on youtube. This is a good video for both Developer and DBA. The presenter gave a very good and clear explanation. This is one of the Oracle tutorial series from the same presenter.

There were 2 different type of tuning that were discussed in this video System Tuning and SQL Tuning. Roughly, System Tuning involves the appropriate system parameters configuration and SQL Tuning involves the individual SQL statement tuning.

Here are what were introduced in this video:

System Tuning

  • Tuning log (redo log) switches
  • pga_aggregate target (9i)
  • Tuning advisors (views hints)
  • Pinning packages in memory
  • Statspack
SQL Tuning
  • Indexes
  • Oracle Optimizer
  • Explain Plan
  • Hints
  • Stored Outlines