Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Welcome to my blog

Hi there, welcome aboard to my blog and also the database world. Let warm up with the definition of blog (web log) here what I found on my dictionary : “A shared on-line journal where people can post daily entries about their personal experiences and hobbies.” (ref: wordweb dictionary) . Ok let get back to database.

Oracle is one of the best database used globally, that is one of the reason why I choose to write about oracle. The official site of oracle for some oracle newbie is The latest version of oracle is 10g but 11g is coming out soon, here is a brief history of oracle

“Way back in June 1970, Dr E F Codd published a paper entitled A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks. This relational model, sponsored by IBM, then came to be accepted as the definitive model for relational database management systems – RDBMS. The language developed by IBM to manipulate the data stored within Codd’s model was originally called Structured English Query Language, or SEQUEL, with the word ‘English’ later being dropped in favor Structured Query Language – SQL.

In 1979 a company called Relational Software, Inc. released the first commercially available implementation of SQL. Relational Software later came to be known as Oracle Corporation.” (ref:

to be continue….