Monday, September 3, 2007

Oracle Database 11g:The Top New Features for DBAs and Developers

Database Replay

Explore Database Replay, the new tool that captures SQL statements and lets you replay them at will.


Learn about Referential, Internal, and Virtual Column partitioning; new sub-partitioning options; and more.

Schema Management

Add columns with a default value easily and explore invisible indexes, virtual columns, and read only tables.

SQL Performance Analyzer

Accurately assess the impact of rewriting of SQL statements and get suggested improvements.

SQL Access Advisor

Get advice about optimal table design based on actual use of the table, not just data.

Transaction Management

Get an introduction to Flashback Data Archive and explore EM's Log Miner interface.

SQL Plan Management

Learn how to baseline and compare optimizer plans and then choose the best one.

SQL Repair Advisor

Explore how to use SQL Repair Advisor to identify problematic SQL statements and gather diagnostic information.

Manageability Features

Explore automatic memory management, multicolumn statistics, online patching, and more features.

PL/SQL: Coding

Avoid unneeded invalidation during changes, track null exceptions, interchange cursors, and more.


Learn about Tablespace Encryption, case-sensitive passwords, data masking, and other features.

Result Cache

Don't go to the database if data has not changed. Use result cache instead, both in SQL and PL/SQL.


Explore Automatic Health Monitor, Automatic Diagnostic Repository, and other new resiliency features.

SQL Operations: Pivot and Unpivot
Make creating pivot operation on tables a breeze using new keywords.

ASM Improvements

Learn about variable AU sizing, rolling upgrades, and node affinity in RAC environments, among other things.


Explore next-generation LOBs: LOB encryption, compression, de-duplication, and asynchronicity.

Data Guard Improvements

Query the physical standby database in real time without shutting down recovery, just for starters.

PL/SQL: Performance

Explore in-lining of code, native compilation without C compiler, PLS timer, use of simple integer, and more.

RMAN Improvements

Explore Data Recovery Advisor, Virtual Private Catalog, parallel backup of the same datafile, and other features.


COPY command, Export/Imports, Data Pump improvements, PHP Connection Pooling, and more.

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