Friday, March 7, 2008

Runing Oracle on Linux + VMWare

There are many website talked about oracle installation on Linux which is running on VMWare.
There are many comments I come across mentioned that this must be for the testing or developing purpose only.

I'd myself rather think differently. If you have computer with huge enough resources you can set it up as your virtual servers and running on your network along with physical servers. It depend of the art of tuning your VMWare , Linux, Oracle, with new oracle improved functionality it could be easier to manage. I myself, used to train my 10+ clients and had them connected to my laptop (at the time 2GB Memory), runing VMWare with Linux and Oracle installed, it worked just fine.

The thing is, it's on the art of put the right tools/machines for the right task. With well configuration of your Oracle, VMWare, Linux plus your host resources, your virtual servers will work like a charm.