Friday, May 2, 2008

Grid Computing on Windows

At Solutia, the IT goal is to get information to the people who need it, any time they need it. Solutia's high?volume manufacturing facilities are humming 24 hours a day, so critical database information must be accessible every minute. Downtime translates into lost production time, which ultimately results in lost revenues for the company.

At the core of Solutia's IT strategy is the simple idea that the required information must be easily available at a low cost. In addition, as the company grows, the capacity to manage and access the information must grow along with it. With 6,000 employees scattered across five continents, Solutia needs a scalable, reliable, high?performance database solution that can work with nearly any application in any location.

In addition to addressing its technical requirements, Oracle RAC enables Solutia to meet it business goals of cost and quality leadership, market innovation, and improving profits.

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