Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Real-Time Performance Boost with New Oracle Database Option

Oracle In-Memory Database Cache now offers Oracle Database customers lightning-fast transaction response times by caching frequently used data in the application tier.

Based on the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database, the new option delivers a real-time, dynamic, updatable cache for frequently accessed data in the Oracle Database. By caching performance-critical subsets of an Oracle Database in main memory in the application tier, the software dramatically reduces application response times and increases throughput by relying on memory-optimized algorithms and avoiding communication delays between computers and processes.

"This new option is well integrated with the Oracle Database,” says William Hardie, vice president of Database product marketing, Oracle.” It will help Oracle Database customers meet their extreme application performance needs as well as reduce development time."

For performance-critical applications in industries such as communications, financial services, and defense, the Oracle In-Memory Database Cache option delivers application response times in the microseconds by bringing the frequently accessed data closer to the application and by executing SQL requests in the TimesTen In-Memory Database.

The new option is compatible and integrated with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, including Oracle Real Application Clusters, and also supports Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle SQL Developer, and components of Oracle Fusion Middleware such as Oracle Application Server, Oracle Jdeveloper, and Oracle TopLink.

“With the use of the Oracle In-Memory Database Cache, Oracle Database customers can expect to benefit from the increased performance and throughput of real-time application," says Hardie.
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