Sunday, May 11, 2008

Simple Storage for Oracle Database 10g and 11g

Oracle's launch of its Database 11g marks a major step forward in the relationship between Oracle databases and storage infrastructure. With 11g, Oracle has built Direct NFS (network file services) Client into Oracle, offering users the advantages of NAS for greater simplicity in deploying storage, easier storage management, lower cost, and superior scalability.

Attend this podcast with Jeff Day of HP and Stan Gibson of to learn how to ease your management burdens while reducing storage expenditures. This podcast will explore how HP's Scalable NAS solution provides the following benefits for Oracle databases:

* Reduced cost and improved performance for your database
* Simple provisioning of storage for Oracle and Oracle RAC
* Superior value over traditional single-filer NAS and SAN products
* Tiered block and file storage in a single, easy-to-manage storage solution
* Integrated client-transparent NFS failover for robust high availability

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