Monday, July 28, 2008

.NET at Oracle OpenWorld 2008

.NET at Oracle OpenWorld 2008
Join the Oracle Develop conference at Oracle OpenWorld (September 21–25 2008, San Francisco). Oracle Develop will feature a .NET developer track. This track will provide comprehensive coverage of Oracle's .NET technologies, including introductory Oracle .NET material, Oracle Database 11g features for .NET, and deep dive content. Oracle Develop is perfect for all levels of developers, from beginner to advanced.

To register, go to Oracle Develop registration site.


    • Getting Started with Oracle and .NET
    • New Oracle Features for .NET Developers
    • ASP.NET Web Development with Oracle
    • Building Microsoft Office Applications with Oracle Database and Visual
    • PL/SQL Programming for .NET Developers: Tips, Tricks,
      and Debugging

    • Database Development Lifecycle with Visual Studio: SQL,
      PL/SQL, and .NET Stored Procedures, Source Control, and Deployment
    • Optimizing .NET Data Access Performance with Oracle Database
    • .NET Data Caching: Client Result Cache, Change
      Notification, and TimesTen to Maximize Performance

    Hands–on Lab

    • Building .NET Applications with Oracle Database: Part 1
    • Building .NET Applications with Oracle Database: Part 2
    • Building .NET Applications with Oracle Database: Part 3
    Exhibition Hall Booth

    • .NET Development for Oracle Database