Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Postgres Plus® Advanced Server

Postgres Plus claimedto be able to replace oracle database functionality, 100% compatible oracle database. We've tried it with out oracle database, and every triggers are working fine, all the same with procedure, view. The platform supported included windows, linux 32/64 bit MAC OS X... below are some of it's feature and download link.
some feature I took it from the official site:

Packed with Performance: discover DynaTune® , Bulk Collect and Bind, Query Optimization Hints, Distributed Memory Caching, Federated Queries and much more.

Productive Tools: check out Postgres Studio with advanced programming capabilities, Oracle® Replication Console, GridSQL® Monitoring Console, DBA Management Server and Migration Studio.

Tops in Compatibility: see why Advanced Server is the only open source database that runs applications that were written for Oracle without requiring changes for a fraction of their licensed cost! You can also migrate MySQL® and other commercial databases too.