Monday, May 4, 2009

Oracle Compatibility Developer's Guide for DBAs & Application Developers

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Below is the abstract.

In today's challenging economic climate, organizations running Oracle are struggling to meet rising information demands with constricted budgets. Oracle shops have historically been reluctant to explore alternative databases, due to perceived risks of performance degradation, application recoding, and the time and costs associated with re-training personnel.
EnterpiseDB's Postgres Plus provides over 300 organizations with a proven open source alternative to expensive proprietary database products like Oracle. Postgres Plus significantly reduces total cost of database ownership, without sacrificing performance and scalability by:

Eliminating up-front perpetual license fees
Dramatically reducing the time cost and risk of migrating Oracle applications to Postgres Plus
Leveraging an organization's existing Oracle skills and infrastructure investments
Providing 24/7 "follow the sun" support, training and professional services
This white paper examines how EnterpriseDB's Oracle compatibility makes it easy for enterprises with existing Oracle investments to enjoy the benefits and cost saving of an open source database