Sunday, April 8, 2007

Database Administrator Jobs

Database Administrator Jobs

As the new database dependent systems have been increasing in the recent years, the necessity of appointing a Database Administrator has become evident in the corporate field. The database administrator is the one who is responsible for the integrity and security of the database systems that are used in the corporate offices.

The major responsibilities if a database administrator are Recoverability, Integrity, Security, Availability, Performance, Development and Testing Support of the database system.

A database administrator is responsible for the following aspects of Data base: He will be responsible for creating and testing backups and verifying the integrity of the data. A database administrator needs to provide maximum performance with the available budget. He should know to use the budget in an economic way and at the same time he should also extract maximum benefits from it.

The administrator needs to help the program engineers in utilizing the database fully. Administrator needs to ensure the security of the system with the implementation of access control to the data.

Database administrator will be involved in the works of database designing, implementation and monitoring, tuning and troubleshooting assignments. Different types of companies will hire or appoint the candidates according to their knowledge on different databases which the company is working with.

The companies which appoint the database administrator need him to work for the development of new database systems, along with providing security for the existing database systems. The new database he develops should meet the quality standards of the company. Organizations seek the applicant who applies for the post of database administrator to have an experience of 3 to 5 years in the field in a corporate environment.

The candidate should know to work with the technologies like: Oracle (8i to 9i release 2) Oracle Forms (4.5) Oracle Reports (2.5) SQL Server (7, 2000).

Though development and testing support are commonly done works by a database administrator, he should not think it as his or her least important duty. Because, managers, with a result-oriented mindset, consider the development and testing support, that includes the collection of sample production data to test the changed and new program, as the most important duty to be performed by the database administrators.

This job is very challenging as there are opportunities like working in different systems like corporate business, geographic information systems, internet and intranet. The corporate business includes human resource, finance and others. KoreOne is taking part of recruitment of database administrative positions for reputed IT firms.
By: Shakir A