Saturday, April 7, 2007

Oracle Database Administration

Oracle Database Administration

Oracle Database Administrators are responsible for administering Oracle Database servers and the phenomenon is called Oracle Database Administration. Each oracle database requires at least one Database Administrator (DBA) to administer it as an Oracle database can be large and can have many users. The types of Oracle users and their roles and responsibilities vary from site to site. A small site can have one database administrator who administers the database for application developers and users. A very large site can find it necessary to divide the duties of a database administrator among several people, and among several areas of specialization.

A database administrator is held responsible for installing and upgrading the Oracle server and application tools. The DBA allocates the system storage and plans the future storage requirements for the database system. The responsibility of a DBA is to create primary database storage structure after designing an application and create primary objects once the application is designed. The DBA modifies the database structure according to the information given by the developers and enrolls users and maintain system security. The administrator ensures the compliance with the Oracle License Agreement and control and maintains user access to the database. The performance of the database is then monitored and optimized. The DBA plans for backup and recovery of database information, maintain archive data on tape, and take regular backups and restore the database. For troubleshooting, the DBA should contact the Oracle Corporation.

The fundamental task of Oracle Database Administrator is to evaluate the database server hardware. The evaluation should reveal the information about the number of disk drives available to Oracle and its databases, to ensure if any dedicated tape drives are available to Oracle and its databases, and inspect the memory available for running Oracle. The database administrator should install the Oracle database server software and other front-end tools and database applications that access the database. The database administrator plans the database for logical storage structure of the database, overall database design, and a backup strategy for the database. After the designing the database, the administrator should open and create the database for normal use. The database can be created at the installation time, using the Database Configuration Assistant. The DBA should take a backup of the database structure and carry out the backup strategy planned for the database. After the backup of the database structure, the administrator should enroll the system users of the database according to the Oracle license agreement. The other tasks of a DBA are to implement the database design, backup the fully functional database and tune database performance.

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Written By: Shakir A